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Trendiest Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

Trendiest Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

Short haircuts are fun. Low maintenance, edgy, cute and chic, haircuts for washing and walking are perfect for a busy schedule. Also, short hairstyles in summer are convenient for sports. If someone is trying to convince you that short hairstyles are not feminine, don’t be fooled. There are so many ways to completely rock a short haircut and look and feel as feminine as you want. Here we’ve rounded up the best short hairstyles for fine hair, thick hair, wavy hair, textured hair, and more. You will surely find your choice for all face types, be it a long face, a round face, or an oval face.

Short bob hairstyles and pixies are everywhere. Inspirational A-line bobs, inverted bobs, shaggy pixie cuts, and short bangs are perfect and easy to care for when you want to flaunt the ultra-dramatic modern hair.

Short haircuts that women have rocked for ages

Women have done bold short haircuts with grace and poise for ages. The pixie, buzz cut, and bob cut are some of the most iconic haircuts ever worn and continue to give stiff competition to all other haircuts. The tailored cut can be incredibly fashionable and stylish – as shown in the pictures in our collection. If you are looking for inspiration to get a nice or sassy short haircut, find it here!

Women short haircuts these are currently in fashion

The buzz cut trend is a bomb right now! While it seems like one of the most attractive short haircuts a girl can wear, it is highly liberating. It’s a great relief, especially in summer. If you are wary of clipping your hair but still want a trendy, low-maintenance haircut, the gallery awaits. These pictures are nothing but cheeky! For those of you who have a strong rebellion within, choose an undercut with a long pixie.

Some popular short haircuts for 2017 to look out for include:

  • Balayage short bob hair
  • Long Elf
  • Asymmetrically layered bob
  • Easy care, wavy hair
  • Messy fringe cut with front bangs

Check out some of these incredibly fashionable short haircuts for summer!