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Trending Balayage Hair Colors

Trending Balayage Hair Colors

Why fall into the rut of the same hair color? Be trendy and enjoy the rage of balayage hair colors. Add a new dimension to your hair color with fantastic balayage highlights. The balayage color technique is awesome. Basically, as your hair grows back, your hair color can blend naturally. As a result, you don’t really have to worry about the brisk growth of your hair and how your colors / highlights might look out of place.

Eliminate your hair color problems with this excellent French technique. Shades of brown and blondes are among the most popular colors for balayage hairstyles simply because the palette offers a rich and wide mix of colors.

Custom Blended Unique balayage hair colors for trendsetters

Aside from really cropped short hairstyles, all types of hairstyles like long fine hair, medium wavy hair, curly hair, etc. take this unique hair coloring technique very well. The result of applying this modern French technique are soft, natural looking and unique highlights. Yes, you read that right – unique because the colors are mixed individually for each individual! Get ready to get inspired as we bring you some of the best balayage hair of 2017!

Trendy balayage hairstyles to highlight your natural hair

Balayage emphasizes the natural curves, flow, and texture of your hair in ways that other traditional coloring techniques rarely can. Some trendy and popular balayage hair colors are:

  • Silver balayage blonde hair
  • Caramel balayage colors
  • Ash blonde balayage hair
  • Light brown balayage ombre hair
  • Lavender balayage
  • Brown to blonde balayage
  • Balayage with short hair
  • Burgundy hair balayage
  • Short balayage bob hairstyle
  • Blunt cut balayage bob
  • Wavy balayage hair

Check out these awesome styles for the best balayage hair colors and inspiration!