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Unicorn Nail Designs

Unicorn Nail Designs

Unicorn nail designs are getting a lot of face time lately due to their ethereal look. Our list of unicorn nails can contain magical vibrations. The unicorn has always been considered one of the most adorable fantasy creatures with golden horns. And now you can easily flaunt your love for your favorite mystical creature with these cute ideas on unicorn nails.

Discover our incredibly pretty unicorn-themed nail designs and ideas.

Easy Unicron Nail Art Inspirations

Mix up some of the trendy manicures to complete the gorgeous unicorn horn nail accents. The purple and pink tones can be made the main highlight for Unicorn Horn Design Nails. The pastel watercolor rainbow with unicorn art is a simple nail art design that combines the refreshing beauty of watercolor nails with a cute unicorn. For a classic unicorn nail design, opt for the classy squoval with a pastel rainbow gradient that shades pink and purple tips on the nail bed.

The multicolored rainbow stiletto nails are unique in that they are dazzled by neon rainbow colors and stone beauty. The nail art Bright Rainbow and Easy Unicorn offers the most amazing DIY nail art made with light pastel tones and decorated with golden glitter stars.

acrylic Unicorn nail designs

  • You can enhance your rainbow watercolor with the popular Glittery Vibrant Rainbow Watercolor made of flawless and magical swirls of color coated with glitter.
  • Baby Pink’s natural design with unicorn nail art ideas features a cute unicorn face against gold, black and pink glitter.
  • For something a little more out of the ordinary, try the silver tipped French manicure and unicorn art with accent nail tips coated in chrome-silver lacquer and two nails that flaunt a subtle layer of pink glitter.
  • Think of a multi-dimensional pink glitter design on pink glitter with unicorn art nails that shows a happy unicorn face against the base of a shiny pink glitter base that is completed by stars and clouds.

All the given unicorn nail designs shine beautifully and stand out for their appearance. The listed designs can be miraculously applied to all types and sizes of nail manicures. Scroll the gallery to see more brilliant unicorn themed art on nails.