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Various Unique Designs of Ripple Crochet Pattern

Various Unique Designs of Ripple Crochet Pattern

Crochet is an art form that has been passed on from one generation to the next. It is very essential that we keep this art alive for many more years to come. With so many new ways of making clothes, that is done with machines you can only hope that the art of crocheting and knitting will not be forgotten. Crochet is very simple yet looks complicated. All you have to do is master the basics and once this is done other techniques can be mastered by trial and error.

Ripple Crochet

Crochet has many different techniques. Each technique is used for making specific designs. One such design is the ripple pattern. Ripple means waves. So by the mere word you should be able to understand what pattern is made by this technique.

Ripple Crochet Pattern is made by using double stitches. This technique is a little more complex than the basic chain stitching. By making a double stitch and by using different colours this effect comes into shape. They look like a sea of waves making its way to the shores. This beautiful way of crocheting is in a way similar to the Afghan Crocheting. Since the knots are closely pulled together they make the texture look pretty.

Ripple Crochet Pattern can be made in between other Crochet designs when making a sweater or a bed sheet. The design and pattern made by it will give an appealing look to the end product. Such designs are unique and always in demand by many.