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Water Color Tattoo Inspiration

Water Color Tattoo Inspiration

Watercolor tattoos look incredibly beautiful and very feminine. Many women prefer to get inked with watercolors because the tattoos have a subtle and soft quality. A good tattoo artist who works with watercolor tattoo ink can blend the colors beautifully, just like in a painting. The watercolor tattoo trend is still relatively young and many people prefer traditional black ink tattoos. However, if you want something more delicate and feminine on your skin, there are plenty of watercolor tattoo ideas here!

The watercolor tattoo controversy

There is a debate in the tattoo community about whether or not watercolor tattoos age well. It is a known fact that tattoo ink spreads as the tattoos age. The dark and well-defined lines that are characteristic of traditional tattoos are not present in watercolor tattoos. The question that has not yet been answered (since the oldest watercolor tattoos are not older than 5-6 years) is whether watercolor tattoos tattoo and merge into one large, undefined splash of color.

Some professional artists say that those who want to get a tattoo now shouldn’t really care what the tattoo will look like 20 years from now. Additionally, tattoo touch-ups are quite common and are even needed for different tattoo styles. Other artists advise clients against watercolor tattoos.

At BeautyandU, we believe that not every tattoo artist is able to do watercolor tattoos well. If you want one, take recommendations and seek advice from a tattoo artist whose work you truly admire and trust.

Bright and Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo Designs

While you are deciding whether or not to get watercolor tattoos, check out this amazing collection of beautiful tattoos that look so bright and beautiful. Some great tattoo ideas are:

  • Lace Pattern Color Tattoo
  • Watercolor skull tattoo
  • Aikido watercolor tattoo
  • Colorful back tattoo design
  • Antique watercolor tattoo
  • Lighthouse tattoo
  • Back of the neck tattoo of a watercolor rose
  • Watercolor goldfish tattoo on shoulder
  • Beautiful abstract watercolor nature tattoo
  • Watercolor snail tattoo