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Ways to Apply Makeup for Green Eyes

Ways to Apply Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eyes undoubtedly look beautiful! However, there are so many conflicting makeup suggestions out there that you can be confused in choosing the right makeup for your eyes. Here are suggestions for green eye makeup that can further enhance the beauty of your eyes. Warmer shades like copper, bronze, or plum are best for green eyes. On the other hand, try to be sparing with gray and silver eyeshadow. Go through the gallery to find a natural green eye makeup tutorial and ideas for green eye and brown hair makeup.

Green eye makeup suggestions and ideas

  • Warm bronze: Gold and bronze is the eyeshadow palette for green eyes. Warm tones look beautiful on green eyes. Wear this eyeshadow and rock the boho chic style.
  • Copper tones: This is another ideal shade of eyeshadow for green eyes and fair skin. This warm shade makes the green color of the eyes look even more beautiful. Complete your eye makeup with a dash of shimmer and a touch of red lipstick. Wear a pair of sparkling silver earrings to complete your look.
  • Purple mania: Let your green eyes sparkle with a touch of purple eyeliner and purple eyeshadow. Choose the purple or plum colored eyeliner for a dramatic effect. Complement your make-up with meaningful long earrings.

What is the preferred lipstick for green eyes?

The lipstick colors like bold coral, classic red, cinnamon, copper, and taupes are best for women with green eyes. Women with green eyes can even try the nude neutral color, which is a few shades darker than the natural color of their lips. The red lipstick with the classic brown undertones is best for green eyes. Use a matte lipstick for a flawless look. Try a clear top coat of shimmery sheen with a dash of gold sheen.