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What are mens chinos and how to wear them

What are mens chinos and how to wear them

Mens chinos are in fashion nowadays and everybody wants to go for one. When khakis and jeans are not the option to wear then chinos come as lifesaver. Whether you want to go out on that Saturday night or may be just freak out with friends, chinos are one of the best options available to you. Here in this article you will find all the information about chinos and how to wear them. Read on to fin out more.

What are chinos
Chinos originated from American military and were worn by the soldiers and army men. They were also worn by men of certain trades and has been the part of American wardrobe since 1920. There is a bit of argument on where the name itself came from. Chinos means Chinese in Spanish and it also means toasted in American Spanish. So it’s not very clear but we know that it’s in use since long time back.

How to wear them
Flat chinos look good on slimmer guys while men who have that extra fat, should go for pleated chinos. Whatever chinos you buy, make sure that they fit you well. Chinos are not made to be used for formal occasions; you need to wear them on semi-formal occasions, such as dinner with family or a night out in the town with friends.

What to wear with them
Mens chinos are good to go with any combination but it’s recommended that you wear them with cotton shirt and tuck a tie as well. You can also wear cotton blazer with them and pair it up nice leather shoes.