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White pants- look fabulous and confident

White pants- look fabulous and confident

White is the color for summer and everyone wants to look glorious yet cool. But for that one needs to be comfortable with white pants as some people are afraid of them. It is because there are a lot of misconceptions about these pants and there are a number of pitfalls everyone wants to avoid if one choose to wear them. For that, some things need to be clarified which will make these pants handy. They add a lighter and summery feel to an outfit. White colored pants are best for those who like to wear rich color clothes like reds or blues. In summer, if anybody pair these deep colors with black pants they will start feeling heavy and hot. Instead of black, pair with white to feel light and sync with the season. But the problem is white does not look good on everybody. But when the right pair is in the right fabric and paired with perfect top, the results are magical. But for that you have to choose your fabric wisely.

Denim is heavy enough so you don’t have to worry about the see-through factor and is durable and washes easily. Linen is one of the coolest fabrics, in case of the temperature soar.

If you are wondering how to wear these white pants, here are few ideas:

  • Wear skin-tone underwear: So that there is no risk of seeing the polka dots from your pair of panties peeking through.
  • Remove the pockets: Seeing the lining of the pockets is distracting and makes it obvious that the pants are not opaque.
  • Do not wear these pants skin tight. If they are a bit sheer, the tightness will leave little to the imagination. Wearing them tight undermines the main purpose of wearing linen pants which is to keep cool and thus air cannot circulate when the pants are glued to your body.