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Crochet Necklace Accessories and its usage

Crochet Necklace Accessories and its usage

Crochet is a technique that has been mastered by many into making delicate beautiful pieces of cloth. They are also made in large sizes that can be used as bed sheets, shawls, throw over’s etc. There are many advantages in learning this technique as art has no limitation. Crocheting involves intricate work. From using fine delicate thread to make lace patterns to thick yarns to make covers, it can be used in several ways. One useful way of using this technique is by making a Crochet Necklace.


Crochet work can be done with fine thread as well. Something with intricate detailing work is always a pleasant sight. Necklaces have been in fashion since long and will continue to be so. People are seen wearing scarf’s and layers of chains around their necks as style. No you can have their own unique style by making themselves a Necklace this way.

There are many different techniques of Crochet. There is fine intricate and delicate work of Crocheting like the Irish technique. You can use this technique and make beautiful lace like ornaments to be worn around the neck. You can also layer them up by combining two, three stands of lace designs and add beads and other decorative stones to have a bling effect. Then you can add a ribbon or an extra piece of thread to secure it around the neck.

You neednot have to limit their minds when it comes to creativity. Crochet headbands can also be made to match the Crochet Necklace.