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Process of Making a Knitted Dress

Process of Making a Knitted Dress

Knitting like Crocheting has been happening since ages. Ladies used to knit sweaters and shawls along with many other things that were used to make warm clothes. Initially there was limited variety of yarn. So the items that could be made by knitting were limited. But over a period of time there has been a variety of yarn materials being available in the market. You can now even make a Knitted Dress this way.


Knitting like Crocheting requires yarn and needles. The needles used for knitting are different from the hooks used for Crochet. Knitting needles are long pieces of metal. These come in various degrees of thickness. The thicker the needle the more distance in the knitted knots.

By holding both the needles on either hand a basic knot is tied to start and by running a loop on one needle the other is used to pass through the knot and pull the yarn through. This way a chain is made on the length of the knitting needle. You can knit many items. Sweaters, shawls, muffler etc can all be made this way.

Now a day’s even full length dresses can be made by knitting. By determining the length, pattern and width of the dress you can start knitting. To make the project simple and easy you can divide the dress into sections and knit each part separately. After all the pieces have been knitted you can stitch them together and have a knitted dress made for yourself.