Bespoke suits: The grand way of dressing

Bespoke suits: The grand way of dressing

Bespoke suits have always been a trend in the fashion world. Totally different from ready to wear the term bespoke comes from ‘bespeak’ which means to speak for something or in this case ‘to be ordered to made’. Bespoke suits are made from the scratch according to the personal specifications and measurements of the individual customer by the specialized tailors. Bespoke word is reserved for specifically patterned and crafted men’s clothing just like haute couture for women.

Bespoke also differs from Made to Measure(MTM)although it may seem similar in that Made to Measure is also crafted to fit your measurement but Made to Measure companies has been freely using the term ‘bespoke’. The major differences in the making of a bespoke suit and Made to measure suit are

Bespoke suits have a unique pattern for each customer

Bespoke suits are started from scratch and a unique pattern is created for each customer where as in the case of made to measure there are modifications made to an original pattern. However, the presence of new technologies like CAD-CAM is bridging the gap between two.

Multiple Fittings vs single Fitting

Bespoke suit requires multiple fittings and that’s why they are not a scalable business whereas Made to Measure requires a single fitting.

Fabric choices

Bespoke suits provide you more options in fabrics, there is like a library to choose from whereas Made to measure provide you less options in fabric selection. Basically, more customization in bespoke suits.

Customization in design

Lapels, pockets, buttons, something quirky and anything of great complexity, bespoke suits can make your suit dreams into reality whereas Made to Measure(MTM) suits definitely will fit you as you want but it might not have that much customization, especially something you can’t explain, don’t expect it to be available in Made to Measure list.

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