Carolina Herrera handbags – The next big
thing in fashion

Carolina Herrera handbags – The next big thing in fashion

Now women all over the world can have a shade of Parisian chic in their wardrobe with all new Carolina Herrera handbags collections.

Plain and elegant is what the house of Carolina Herrera stands for. The New York fashion giant has released all new styles, one of which is inspired from La Place Vendome, one of the city’s most iconic landmarks La Place Handbag Collection.

Influenced by the chic Parisian fashion sense, Carolina Herrera designed a series of handbags that features a front flap with unlined structure, sizable sides and gold accents.

The bag exudes the classic Parisian savoir-faire that is bound to remain chic and timeless for women of every age.Handcrafted from genuine Blanes and Nubuck leather, the unlined bag is light and soft to the touch. This latest addition to the La Place collection makes it a perfect handbag for the global woman who is always on the go.

The Blanes sides give it balance, body and strength. Craftsmanship, tradition and modernity give life to a new identityto the collection that carries the name of one of the most historic areas of Paris.

The resourcefulness of the Carolina Herrera La Place Vendome handbags makes it a bag that you want to own, whether it is to pack for a simple weekend getaway or to jazz up a work outfit. This glamorous yet simple tote will certainly turn many heads.

Awoman owning Carolina Herrera handbagsis the woman of today. She does not follow craze. Fashion has to be fun. One must choose what works well for them and what evokes one’s personal style.

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