Cornrow Hairstyles

Cornrow Hairstyles

Interested in a cornrow hairstyle? The best thing about this type of hairstyle is that it is a low maintenance hairstyle that will make you look nervous. It has a universal appeal that would never go out of style. There are different types of cornrows such as the large cornrow braids, triple buns, tiny cornrow braids, step up style, casual style, circular designs, and a lot more. Check out some of the latest cornrow braiding styles here. This type of hairstyle is suitable for busy bees who want to cut the time spent on hair care and hair styling.

Smashing Cornrow Hairstyles 2018

  • Big Braids: Make a bold statement when wearing cornrow braids on your scalp with large braids tied together in a chic ponytail hairstyle.
  • Small braids: You look chic and edgy in a hairstyle with multiple tiny braids that move stylishly down the back of the head.
  • Double braid crowns: Look like a star in a fashionable, braided double cornrow hairstyle. The large braid and tiny cornrow braids make up the two braided crowns so that the wearer of the hairstyle looks stylish and fashionable.
  • Spiral braids: Go for a mesmerizing cornrow hairstyle with a spiral braid and a gorgeous shift dress in the spotlight.
  • Thick Braids: Take the Cornrow Spiral Braid Hairstyle up a notch with its thicker braid version. You can try this hairstyle with a side parting to add volume to your hair.
  • Jumbo spiral: Look trendy in an eye-catching jumbo spiral that turns your back down in style.
  • Royal Cornrow Look: Look elegant in long cornrows and complete your look with stunning crown accessories and sterling silver earrings.

Flattering cornrowed buns

  • Triple bun: Look flattering in this upbeat triple bun hairstyle with the stunning cornrow designs on the side.
  • Double bun: Look chic and happen in the double corn row bun style.

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