Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant tattoo designs have been passed down as a synonym for power since the era of the Silk Road trade. People used to love getting elephant designs on their bodies. This was seen as a way to show off their love for the animal and its strength, goods and power in order to win battles. Nowadays, elephant tattoo designs for women and men are chosen to establish your gigantic presence with minimal ink.

Browse through the various elephant tattoo designs shown here and get inspired to get inked soon.

Elephant tattoo designs with connotations

The elephant herd watercolor features a watercolor ornament of an elephant herd that shows the trunk to the tail. This is an amazing option to get on your upper back. For a subtle rendering of an elephant, you can go for the Simple Elephant with Mandala Elements Elephant tattoo ideas. Choose an intricate lotus flower and elephant tattoo for your shoulder blade region. Do you love cute tattoo designs? Consider the cartoon elephant tattoos with quotes that you can get on your hand

You can also get the best elephant tattoo ideas in an animated style on your heels. For something minimalist, you can go for the elephant outline tattoo on your wrist. Get a multicolored elephant portrait in multiple colors for a truly eye-catching piece of art.

Minimalist symbolism Elephant tattoos

  • With tons of color palettes, you can achieve a realistic elephant tattoo rendered in the style of the sketch with watercolor smears.
  • The hyper-stylized black and white tattoo depicts elephants with eye-catching red and black patterns and can be considered.
  • Opt for elephants decked out in crowns like the old days when you need a touch of royalty on your skin.

The extravagant elephant tattoo designs are all wonderfully beautiful and meaningful. The abundance underneath is full of extraordinary tattoo ideas and elephant tattoo meanings for you to browse.

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