Funky Jewelry Designs

Funky Jewelry Designs

Every girl has her own unique jewelry collection, apart from the elegant, classic and funky styles.  What could be nicer than reloading your jewelry box with new funky fashion jewelry, as the fashion industry is booming every day?  Be a fashionista in 2019 and make new style statements by combining beautiful accessories with the right outfits.  But before you rush to the stores, be sure to check out the fashion show’s iconic videos and magazines, and familiarize yourself with the latest jewelry designs that make it easy to choose the right one.

Check out the Funky Fashion Jewelry Ideas Ruling 2019

By keeping up to date with the latest trends, you will learn how designers pay attention to the funky accessories that take fashion to the next level with their innovation.  The latest trends in funky costume jewelry include stones, feathers, shells and many other surprising elements.  These are beautifully decorated with necklaces, earrings and bracelets that add to the charm of the jewelry.

Check out the list below to snap up the various body jewelry items:

Always favorite: hoop-style hoop earrings

The hoop style is very popular with many women.  This style became amazingly popular, spanning the 60s and 90s and now, 2019, they are back with some tweaks and are loved by everyone.  They come in colors other than silver, gold, and styles like stacked hoops and small hoops when it comes to that choose To compliment your outfit, there are plenty of ways to keep up with the flow.

Trendy logo decorated necklaces

Make a remarkable style statement with a stylish logo necklace in 2019.  Then, if you pay close attention to the runways, you can easily see how necklaces and other charms decorated with logo are presented with grace by models.  You can try beautiful logo jewelry.  I personally love the designs that are available at FreshTrends.

Back in trend: coin jewelry

Complete your look by pairing a coin jewelry with your clothes.  Yes, they are more polished and updated to match 2019 trends.  From a single chain stack of coins to a layered stack of coin chains, everything is available in stores.  You can choose some of the famous brands like Chanel.

Nature and beauty: Funky Flower Baubles

In 2019, overrated floral jewelry is also a boom in costume jewelry.  Designers let their imaginations run wild to create the amazing funky style jewelry with a floral touch.  Flower arrangements are a groundbreaking trend for this season as you can easily get a beautiful flower pendant and the mini garden for your ears.

Ultra feminine: Silver Trend Jewelry

Nothing can make you look more feminine than silver jewelry, whether it’s a pair of earrings or a beautiful ring.  Many fashion-conscious people love to add accents to their body parts, especially rings, necklaces and bracelets made of silver.  In 2019, silver jewelry, like rings with semi-precious stones, decorations is buzzing on the map. 

Just as many brands and jewelry websites offer you the various body jewelry from rings to charm bracelets and more.  Hurry up and get the latest funk collection.

Good luck!

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