Glitter Makeup Looks

Glitter Makeup Looks

Glitter makeup looks are all the rage and frankly set the makeup domain on fire. From the cute Kristen Stewart to the seductive Gigi Hadid and many such top who’s who of the media industry; Everyone gives this new fashion a chance. What’s your reason to stay behind? Browse through our tempting glitter makeup ideas and let our gallery pamper you.

How to put on the mesmerizing gold glitter eyeshadow Look like a celebrity

  • Add a delicate glow to your lower lash line and eyelids with the help of a shade that matches your skin tone but has a touch of glitter. Keep it simple with custom lashes and subtle liner to create a glittery and graceful look.
  • Blessed with a series of gorgeous green eyes, add a smoky purple bronze shade to your lids. Mix it up afterwards to help them pop. Pro Tip – Take some help from your highlighter and sweep it right under your forehead arches to make the area around your eyes look more open and fresher.

Experts take over Glitter makeup looks to help you drop some jaws

  • Glitter makeup is just three-dimensional texture, color and light. The experts recommend concentrated strong colors on the lids and soft colors on the cheekbones.
  • A small dose of error can be taken with an open heart. How? You can dust your face with loose glitter freckles. They certainly look like freckles when you look at them from a distance, but they don’t come to life until you step a little closer. Plus, all you need is glue and glitter for this.

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