Military style jacket: Defining the style
in a macho way

Military style jacket: Defining the style in a macho way

What you wear is one of the essentials of how you look. And hence the choice of clothes becomes very important. Well a kind of clothing which is liked by a section of people or say the fans is the military style jacket. Cotton or khaki green jacket which doesn’t have too many pockets along with simple and little bit rugged clothes which makes the jacket stand out. Wearing them on dark colored denims gives a cool look as both the colors are deep and saturated.

Military style jackets have multiple utilities like they can be worn over a T-shirt in slightly cool weather and in winters it can be worn over a sweater inside. The ideal combination is considered to be a white T-shirt, blue denims and sneakers. It’s like they don’t make you too warm, but will save you from getting cold.

The most commonly seen form of the jacket is the camouflage pattern and that isn’t going out of the league any soon. Military jackets do make you look very stylish. It makes your appearance more masculine. The colors and fabrics of these have been modified with times, but the spirit of carrying it effortlessly is still maintained. The denim fabric and the cotton fabric are the preferred choices in these jackets, mostly with four pockets in the front.

Just put it on over any of your outfits, whether it is a weekend party or an evening dinner and walk out defining the style the military way.

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