Plus size Pea Coat- The new fashion  statement

Plus size Pea Coat- The new fashion  statement

It’s been a long time since the pea coats have been a staple in the majority of men’s and women’s wardrobe. The pea coats have casual yet smart, functional yet suave looks which make the appearance of the person more interesting even for plus size people. Plus size pea coat gives an awesome look as the coat has one of those shapes which is flattering to any type of body.

The pea coats were basically made for sailors and hence the design of it was made accordingly. It comes with wide lapels, huge pockets, large buttons and the double-breasted design. Having a history of over 300 years, the design, as well as the looks of the pea coat, remained same. The Plus size pea coat has established a benchmark in the modern fashion with its classic style, making it a must- have fashion wear all over the world.

Looking for a versatile, functional and classic wear for the autumn and winter months? Then stop your search as pea coat is the thing which you are looking for. The Plus size pea coat is the best winter coat out there as it doesn’t have to fit into a particular look. The coat can be dressed up in various styles, either layered up or worn sparingly.

The design followed in the pea coats can be a classic one, but there is actually more than one design. The most recognizable design of the plus size pea coat is the traditional ‘double- breasted’ design having two rows of buttons on it which give a statement look to the coat. But there is a ‘single breasted’ design too which is also very fascinating. This kind of coat, as you already have guessed, have a single row of buttons which provides a stream- lined finish, amazing to look upon.

The choice of the plus size pea coats depends on the taste of the person. The double- breasted design gives a classy look and the single- breasted one, on the contrary, provides a modern look. Other than the design, what makes the overall outfit more appealing is the color. The pea coats are usually worn in colors like navy, gray, black and beige.

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