Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius Tattoos

It’s time to let the world know of your immense zeal and willpower through our roundup of elaborate and minimalist Sagittarius tattoos.

Flaunt popular Sagittarius tattoos

The most popular Sagittarius tribal tattoo design is undoubtedly the centaur with a bow and arrow. However, you can add the initial S to your traditional bow and arrow Sagittarius tattoo design. The northeast arrow is another common little Sagittarius idea that is on Fleek. If you want something more mystical and a wicked Sagittarius tattoo design, turn to the scary half-man and half-monster holding a bow and shooting the arrow up. When it comes to the representation of the sign, you can choose between either a gray and a black image or a custom bow and arrow on the wrist or sleeves. The Sagittarius tattoo constellation in dot work designs or even archers in bright colors is also desired by many.

Sagittarius tattoo ideas these are worth copying

  • The sun can be associated with fire and thus the sun tattoo can be used to represent your charismatic personality. You can have the sun combined with the zodiac sign to represent the bundle of powerful energy.
  • Another excellent way to make your Sagittarius tattoo stand out is to add your name along with the zodiac sign. Choose from beautiful fonts to add dimensions. Feel free to add anniversary or date of birth or your spouse’s name.
  • If you are a die-hard fan of the Chronicles of Narnia and you also happen to have Sagittarius as your zodiac sign, you can have a tattoo design that revolves around the two themes.

These attention grabbing Sagittarius tattoos can be chosen by both men and women for any part of the body. Take a trip to our gallery for more such Sagittarius word tattoos etc.

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