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Best designs for a custom

Best designs for a custom shirt

Have you all ever heard of an artistic blockade? For the uninitiated, this is that phase of an artist’s profession when the ideas do not flow freely and smoothly or when the artist is highly dissatisfied with the sub-standard ideas that do present itself to them. Such a blockade is difficult to get over and need not necessarily be restricted just to artists. Many of us face this blockade in our personal and professional lives. Most of our readers claim that the highest incidence of the artistic block they face is when trying to come up with designs for clothes. Perhaps this could be because of the importance of the task (you have to wear your design after all) or the difficulty of the same.

Whichever be the source of your problem, we are here to provide you clear and concise solutions for the same. Specifically, this piece deals with ideas for custom shirts, but don’t despair, for we shall come up with designs for other articles of clothing as well. A custom shirt, as most of you would know, is a shirt whose dimensions, color, fabric and print are all chosen by the person who wears it and is thus a complete expression of their tastes and preferences.

You could have a scene printed on a shirt and wear it, something of importance and significance to you. For example, some people wear shirts with scenes from the Holy Scriptures while others get pictures with their loved ones imprinted on the clothes they wear. These could also be slogans or phrases that hold special meaning in your lives and thus, would serve well on your sleeve. Alternatively, you can pick from a variety of patterns and designs that are suited for your skin tone, body build, and your face.