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Hippie Style Boho Summer Outfits for  Women

Hippie Style Boho Summer Outfits for Women

Indie fashion has taken the world by storm. Carefree and independent, Bohemian fashion is true to your personal style. The hipster style gives you the freedom to dress however you want and wear anything that you are comfortable in. In a summery boho-chic outfit that combines bohemian and hipster fashion, loose, flowing dresses made of light fabric with boho hairstyles are often used. However, this is not just about summery boho fashion. Leggings and stretch waistcoat tops are often part of boho hippie-style summer outfits to emphasize the looseness of the other items.

Boho summer outfit ideas in hippie style

  1. Flower pants are a must have for a boho chic girl. Pair your floral pants with cropped tops or bra tops for a bohemian style for summer. Wear it with a loose shirt or light coat.
  2. Summer overalls, especially the blue ones, when worn with matte sleeves or sleeveless, make for a stylish outfit. Wear a tartan shirt around your waist for the hipster look.
  3. A light blue chambray dress in combination with brown lace-up boots creates a cute, summery hipster look. Don’t forget to wear a narrow braided leather belt to give it a more polished look.
  4. Go for a simple maxi skirt that isn’t too puffy and pair it with a graphic t-shirt. When worn with a solid color V-neck, it is quick to assemble outdoors.

Boho trends for back to school

Tartan skirts paired with sleeveless tops make the perfect gypsy fashion outfit for school. A gray t-dress with knee-length burgundy socks and black combat boots is a great choice for hipsters.

You can find more boho summer outfits in hippie style in the gallery below. Get some inspiration before you buy the perfect boho look for the hot season.