Thursday , August 18 2022
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Blunt Bobs

Blunt Bobs

Blunt bobs are the perfect hairstyle for women with heart-shaped, square, and oval faces. We have put together an exclusive list of ideas for the super customizable and versatile hairstyle for you. Our lineup of long and short blunt cut bobs can suit all textures and hair types given the bluntness the ends of which will do a great job enhancing your jawline.

Check out the blunt haircut below and enjoy the flattering look.

Flaunt cool blunt bob hairstyles

For women with fine and straight hair, choose the thin hair from Blunt Cut Bob with a sharp, straight cut complemented by a shade of graphite to create an illusion of density and texture on your hair. You can choose a shoulder length bob that comes to life in conjunction with a hot blonde ombre. Give your well-groomed haircut an amazing dose of texture and life by opting for a vibrant blunt cut bob side part.

The stunning Quick Weave is a simple and elegant hairstyle that can better highlight your facial features and your sensual collarbones. The blunt bob with side bangs is a romantic bob hairstyle that will give you a chic and flirty look, especially when paired with some simple blonde highlights.

Subtle Blunt bobs for a smart look

  • To add thickness to your natural thin hair, choose the Bright Blonde Blunt Cut Bob with Waves.
  • The trendy chin-length chic cut is effortlessly stylish and enhances the simplest bob with a short, blunt cut.
  • The Brilliant Brown Bob gives your fine hair a fuller look and can be easily taken to the next level with some loose and tousled locks with a textured spray.

Blunt bobs add a stunning look to your face and it is the dullness that gives your personality a modern twist. Scroll through the gallery below for more ideas on easy to create and stylish blunt bobs of all time.