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Brunette Hair Color

Brunette Hair Color

Looking for an amazing brunette hair color? You can choose from a sea of ​​hair colors for the brunettes. Some of the most fascinating and popular colors are honey, mahogany, cocoa and chestnut. The best way to choose the perfect hair color is the color of your hair and eyes. To pick the right hair color, go through our picture gallery. Check out ideas, highlights, and different hair colors that are perfect for brunettes here.

Fantastic hair color ideas for brunettes

  • Golden brown: The golden brown shade is a wonderful hair color that looks amazing on people with warm brown or gold skin with hazel or warm green eyes.
  • Honey brown: The honey brown shade with its tan, warm shade is the right balance between dark blonde and light brown hair. This color looks great on people with fair eyes and fair complexions. It looks great even on golden or dark complexions.
  • Light caramel: The light caramel brown shade is a warm and amazing color that looks amazing on those with warm and golden complexions and brown eyes. This color doesn’t look good on those who are
  • The shade can be further enhanced with a blonde, creamy balayage highlight. The color looks extremely light or has a pink complexion.
  • Cocoa: The pearlescent, cool, pale cocoa hair shade looks amazing on people with fair skin and green or light blue eyes. The beauty of it is fantastic for those whose natural hair color is medium brown.

Best highlights for brunettes

  • Golden blonde: Enhance your dark brown hair with a “golden blonde” highlight. The effect can be further enhanced by styling your hair into curls.
  • Mocha: Give your dark brown hair a coffee colored look with a mocha brown highlight.
  • Rose Brown: The pink-tinted rose-brown highlight gives deep brown hair brightness and dimension. For the best result, have this color done in ombre highlighting.