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A brief about Loom Knitting

Knitting with a loom is faster than knitting with needles. You can make many items by using this method. Technique For loom knitting one requires yarn, a knitting loom and a knitting hook. The size of the loom will determine the width of the cloth. you have to start by …

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Benefits of Wearing Knitted Skirts

... metallic effect knitted skirt : skirts u0026 shorts color multi-color ... pobfaog

Lovely Skirts Skirts are a very beautiful clothing type. Skirts are very comfortable. You can move freely wearing a skirt. They are colorful and come in many sizes. Skirts are also known for their shapes. There are long as well as short skirts. Skirts highlight the beauty of the woman …

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Special Collection of Crochet Christmas Ornaments

crochet pattern - crochet christmas ornaments (pattern no. 021) - instant  digital xmffrku

The eve of Christmas Day is a very important occasion all over the world. Without Christmas decoration materials a Christmas celebration is incomplete in a home. There are many Christmas decorative stuffs available in the nearby fancy stores. However the handicraft decorative materials have an amazing looks. Such handmade decorative …

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Learn How To Crochet A Blanket

How To Crochet A Blanket There are many reasons why people may decide to crochet a blanket, one of the major ones being to keep warm.  Many people nowadays have chosen to give handmade blankets as gifts to the new moms. Most of the people however especially beginners are usually …

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Learn How To Crochet Easy

Learn How To Crochet Easy If you are a beginner in the craft of knitting or crochet, you should find ways to learn how to crochet easy. To make crochet easy, you need to know about the different varieties of yarns, you should be able to understand the instructions on …

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Crochet bracelet- An accessory worth having

crochet bracelet with charms, wrap bracelet, silver grey, cuff bracelet,  bohemian jewelry, rwgwlnl

Being a girl, one knows what role a beautiful accessory plays to make one’s look much more beautiful and charming. Be it a neckpiece or a bracelet, it can transform your dull dress into a bright one. Everyone just can’t afford gold or diamond bracelets and even if you can …

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Feel Cosier with the Crochet Jacket

crochet jacket crochet this lovely open jacket made in lacy shell stitch. fmfhwzv

Sometimes you feel that you need something to keep yourself warm but if it is a sweater then You feel very uncomfortable. So, what is the next option for which you should go? Well, the next option is the crochet jacket and if  you have  these jackets on you then …

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Creative Knitting – Get motivated

Creative knitting is relatively cheap and a meaningful activity which can be practiced by both males and females. Knitting dates back to Egypt when the Egyptian males used to knit socks to protect their feet while doing work. At present this skill is regularly done by women of all ages …

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Crochet Dress – Crochet it Up

crochet dress more views. splendid crochet white dress sxrfitl

Crochet objects have a different charm to it altogether. The newest addition to the various attractive elements is the crochet dress. It makes for an extremely elegant and regal style statement. There are various famous personalities who are sporting crochet dresses now, almost as if it is the new flavor …

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