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Chunky knit scarf – designer knit scarf

Chunky knit scarf – designer knit scarf

When the winter it is around with a biting cold wave, everyone finds it better to wrap a chunky knit scarf to keep them warm. In winters, it is a common site to locate these chunky knit scarves gracing the display shelves in a retail store. And their grace increases manifold when beautiful mannequins hang them around. They look warm and cozy in spite of the fact that they add style to the personality. If you wear them around you feel funky and stylish.

But the chunky knit scarf can be made you. If you want to give it a try, it is not a hard nut to crack. A chunky knit scarf is made of thick yarn. You need to arrange a pair of long knitting needles.

In fact chunky knit scarf is a good way to start your knitting journey as it does not involve any complication and does not want you to spare time out of your work schedule. You can knit a chunky knit scarf while you travel in a tram, bus or a cab. It is like a quick project that can start and end on the road trips.

How to make

In order to make a chunky knit scarf, you need 2 skeins chunky yarn. There are many brands such as Lion Brand Thick and Quick in Taupe, etc. For knitting needles, you can take Size 17 or the biggest ones available in your area shops. Then you need to cast on at least 23 stitches. you have to make the scarf 60 inches long. In the end you have to sew the ends of the chunky knit scarf.