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Crazy Hair Ideas

Crazy Hair Ideas

Do you want to flaunt some crazy hairstyle? Check out the crazy hair ideas in our picture gallery. From the little mermaid hairstyle for girls to the donut bun hairstyle for boys, you can find a ton of simple, crazy hairstyles in our picture gallery. Find a laudable collection of crazy hairstyles like soda bottle, hissing snake, fall leaves, Christmas tree, vintage birdcage and much more.

What is Wacky Hair Day?

Crazy Hair Day is a day at school where kids can wear and flaunt their creative, funky, and bizarre hairstyle to school. On this day, kids love to show off some of the weirdest hairstyles like bird cage, a stuffed collection of animals, magical unicorn, a donut with sprinkles, happy dalmatians and much more.

Easy and fun ideas for crazy hair day at school

  • Wacky Hair Day Ideas for Short Hair:: Some of the most popular crazy hair day ideas for short hair are hedgehog tips, iguana, surfer hair, spider web, unicorn hair, bee in the hood, rainbow mohawk hair, and much more.
  • Crazy Hairstyles for Girls: Some of the most popular hairstyles for girls are the big bow, snowman, red barn, octopus, bird’s nest, hissing snake, rat’s nest, Rudolph, elephant, enchanted garden, monster, etc.

Simple crazy hairstyles try out

  • Little Mermaid Hairstyle: The mermaid hairstyle is an excellent variation on the fishtail. All you have to do is cut out the mermaid’s body and face and add a touch of green paint to the tail.
  • Rainbow hairstyle: To make the rainbow hairstyle, a ponytail is made and bent to one of the sides to form an arch, and cotton is used to make the clouds. Colored stripes of hair are tied together in a spiral to form a ponytail.