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Cute Cardigan Styles

Cute Cardigan Styles

Cute cardigans like the chic, cropped cardigans or the classy maxi dusters are now a rage. The length of a cardigan is an important aspect to consider when purchasing, as it can drastically change the look of the wearer. Cardigans are generally used in cold weather to keep the body warm. Nowadays, cardigans will not only fulfill the basic function of warmth, but also as a fashion staple food. Still wondering how to wear a boyfriend cardigan or a floor-grazing maxi cardigan? Then check out the suggestions here on how to wear long cardigans in style.

How do I wear long cardigans?

  • Boyfriend Cardigan: This long women’s sweater goes well with many items of clothing such as mini and short skirts and long jeans. For a stylish look, choose a boyfriend cardigan that drops below the hips. You can opt for the draped or open style.
  • Maxi cardigan: This is another type of long cardigan that goes between the ankle and knee. The extra length of this cardigan gives a subtle ensemble a dramatic impression. The trick with wearing this feather duster cardigan is to pair it with sleek outfits to avoid any bulk underneath. Combine it with short mini skirts or skinny jeans. You can compensate for the length of the maxi cardigan by wearing it with a pair of thigh high boots. You can even wear this feather duster cardigan as a one-piece dress by tightening it around your waist with a belt.

Some vintage style cute sweaters women would love

  • Cardigan with a round neckline and rainbow buttons
  • Chic cardigan with a tie neck and piping
  • Upscale tunic cardigan
  • Cardigan “airport greeting”
  • ‘Button-up’ cardigan with a shawl collar
  • Chic cardigan with a zipper
  • Lacy cropped cardigan
  • Elegant cardigan with a belt
  • Stylish hoodie or jacket cardigan

Wear your clothes in style by pairing your cute cardigan with the right winter fashion clothes.