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Enjoy biking with comfortable
and stylish mountain bike shorts

Enjoy biking with comfortable and stylish mountain bike shorts

Mountain biking is a pretty extreme sport and if not done with the proper gear can cause injuries. Mountain bike shorts prevents from causing blisters and is comfortable while biking on the rough terrain of a mountain. The mountain bike shorts provides more comfort and protection and features than the normal tight lycra shorts. The difference between the mountain bike shorts and the normal shorts is that it has an extra padding which makes the biking more comfortable. Although there are many types of mountain biking and based on different types of biking, similar short is used. Like cross-country is done on a smooth terrain but requires a lot of pedaling and lighter and less restrictive shorts are used here.

For downhill biking, the shorts should be long and durable, as the chance of falling is high while going down and a long and durable shorts will make sure that the rider gets less injured. Based on the different terrains to drive the shorts are different and have different chamois.

A chamois is padding in the area where the body touches the saddle and therefore depending on the terrain it is . Some mountain bike shorts also come with bells and whistles attached to them and some come with pockets, but these accessories should be chosen only when needed because items which are not in need are not carried while mountain biking.

Some shorts contain pockets with zippers and some contain velcro although the ones with zippers should be used as they are more convenient and safe as in a rocky terrain while bouncing you wouldn’t know if some item has bounced off the pocket. A majority of negative reviews can have adverse effects on the brand thus spoiling the brand image. Therefore for different types of biking different mountain biking shorts needs to be used.