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Ethereal Bohemian Tattoo

Ethereal Bohemian Tattoo

The bohemian way of life is beautifully represented through boho tattoo ideas. If you are looking for boho tattoos with unique designs, the gallery allows you to pick the best ideas from custom gold temporary tattoos, metallic ink tattoos, henna tattoos, meaningful bohemian tattoos, dreamcatcher tattoos, lotus tattoos and much more. However, before you dive into the beautiful bohemian designs and patterns, it is worth knowing what is popular and what is not. Who knows! Yom might stumble upon one that really aligns with you and your thought process. Get a glimpse into the Gypsy lifestyle and its connection to coloring.

What is the boho way of life?

Bohemians, hippies, gypsies – they all believe in freedom, art, beauty, love, joy, self-expression and individual growth and expansion as an integral part of life. This boho lifestyle influences everything from hairstyles to their clothes to the way they think about body art. Boho tattoos carry abstract themes that mean freedom, protection, infinity, wanderlust, etc. Designs like lotus, mandalas, symphony, dream catcher, etc. are among the most popular bohemian tattoo designs. Most of the bohemian tattoo meanings are very interesting – as are the tattoo designs. Explore the gallery created from a roundup of the best boho tattoo ideas!

Popular boho tattoo ideas

Elements of nature like waves, mountains, forests are some unique boho tattoo designs. Wanderlust can also often be found as a classic boho tattoo. Bohemia love to travel. They consider it a very important part of their life. Dream catchers, ancient symbols, geometric designs, lace patterns, animal tattoos, birds, wings, feathers, eloquent quotes, etc. are some other popular elements that you can find in many bohemian tattoo artwork. Here, two important designs deserve special mention, namely dream catchers and henna tattoos.

Why are dream catchers so popular in boho body art?

Dream catchers not only look beautiful, but are an ancient representation of unity and protection. They are also believed to keep away evil spirits and nightmares and only let good dreams through to you.

Henna bohemian tattoo ideas

Henna tattoos or henna art are a very popular choice for boho tattoo designs. And why not! You can do fine art on yourself for a while to see which designs will suit you or if you even want to devote yourself to a permanent tattoo.

Mandalas and forearm and finger henna tattoos are the most popular. But you can get a beautiful, lavish henna tattoo anywhere you feel like your body! Explore the gallery for beautiful henna artwork with bohemian tattoo ideas.

To learn more about bohemian tattoo ideas, dive into our wonderful boho tattoo art collection!