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Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

October and its chills are just around the corner. The pretty Halloween makeup ideas can help you get into it. Discover endless inspirations on Halloween makeup ideas that are taking Instagram by storm. The makeup ideas for girls and boys can be achieved at home with the makeup you already have.

Here’s a roundup of simple, cute makeup ideas, ranging from cartoon villains to Disney characters and more, that can get you off the couch and grab the makeup supplies for a quick and scary makeover.

Halloween makeup ideas for girls

The Poison Ivy-inspired Halloween makeup is for all DC comic book fans who want a full recreation of the famous Batman enemy in just a few easy steps. Get ready for a complete transformation into an adorable, lively cat with gold rhinestones and black complexion.

Who doesn’t love unicorns? Just collect a rainbow wig, rhinestones and a glow in the dark unicorn horn for a quick, easy, pretty Halloween makeup for the unicorn. Would you like to copy one of your cute Snapchat filters? The cute butterfly filter could wow you all thanks to the use of glowing highlighter, fluttering and adorable eyelashes and subtle pink lips.

DIY pretty Halloween makeup ideas

  • Do you love texting all day? Then you might like to consider emoji Halloween makeup tutorials and transform into your favorite emoji in no time.
  • Time to turn your age-old dreams into a reality by giving your Mermaid Halloween makeup idea a try. You can find quick and easy suggestions in the easy Halloween makeup tutorials for beginners.
  • The Snow White-inspired makeup is considered to be one of the cute makeup looks. It requires you to put on a pretty yellow skirt and blue top. This way, you can have the simplest recreation of your favorite Disney character.

These terrifyingly pretty Halloween makeup ideas are guaranteed to give you a quick and cute transformation. Keep scrolling for more ideas and pictures about cute and scary Halloween makeup looks.