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Top Summer Wedding Dress Ideas

Top Summer Wedding Dress Ideas

As summer approaches, the brides-to-be will be spoiled for choice! If you’re one of them, here’s a handy summer wedding dress planning guide that you need to check out! Since you’d love to flaunt your bridal clothes, dance to the wedding songs, and smile after the shutterbugs, choosing which dress shouldn’t be easy. Watch the trends, keep the glamor and comfort quotients in balance and let the result be absolutely admirable. Write down some useful ideas and tips when looking for the ideal summer wedding dress.

Do you know the silhouettes

Just start by exploring the dress silhouettes and decide which ones suit the needs of the season. The body fit options like Fit-n-Flare and Mermaid can get hostile due to the heat. A ball gown or an A-line gown fits the bill perfectly and lets the breeze keep things cool.

Choose Comfortable Summer wedding dress fabrics

While silk and chiffon dresses continue to be best sellers for weddings in the summer season, there is a whole new crop of fabrics that you need to know about. Tulle, an extremely light material, has gained immense popularity in this regard. Organza is a thin yet hard-wearing fabric that promises a clear finish.

Choose the right length

Mini dresses in white also compete with traditional long dresses for an informal wedding atmosphere. There is no harm in going for floor length dresses if you choose the right silhouette and fabric, or if the venue is air conditioned. In other cases, something like a tea-length dress might be the best choice. Additionally, it is recommended that you keep your bridesmaid dress in sync with your dress length and color. When choosing a blush pink wedding dress, it is advisable to choose the pink bridesmaid dresses and keep the style quotient high.

Must-have accessories

So which accessories and patterns go well with summer wedding dresses? Although tires are misunderstood as a mismatch for high temperatures, they can be individually sewn to allow adequate air circulation. Shoelaces, with the exception of the heavy and warm, are stylish and give a romantic atmosphere. A fancy hem would definitely make the dress stand out on all wedding photos up close. A move would be personal choice; Don’t do it if it’s an outdoor wedding. Don’t forget to have a decorative bridal wedding sash.

Some do’s and don’ts

  • Take the best underwear and planned wedding shoes with you during the dress trials.
  • Be sure to choose a size or two that are larger than your normal size, especially if you are planning a custom wedding dress.
  • Don’t be completely fooled by the trends. Check out how well the dress fits your personality.
  • Arrange a shrug or a matching jacket and have them ready for any sudden weather surprise in case the weather changes its mood.

Start looking for that summer wedding dress at least 6-8 months before the big day. Also, think about any beauty treatments and weight management programs that you might want to undertake.