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Stylish Scarf Designs

Stylish Scarf Designs

The scarf is not a piece of fabric that is worn for warmth, cleanliness and sun protection, but even helps to make a powerful style statement. Here are suggestions on how to wear stylish scarf designs with fall and winter outfits. There are different types of scarves, from necklace scarf to silk, necklace, lace, tassel, blanket or even pendant scarf. Try these different designer scarf styles for renovating your old winter and fall outfits and make a whole new fashion statement this fall.

Popular winter scarf materials

  • Ceiling scarf: These types of scarves are worn as scarves in winter. Plaid patterns are most preferred. In addition, blanket scarves are warm and cozy. You can use them to give yourself a shrug with a narrow belt. Wear a casual yet stunning look while wearing this scarf.
  • Knit and crochet scarves: For the warmth and style they offer, knitted scarves and DIY crochet stoles are all the rage.
  • Fur scarves: Long fur scarves look great when you pair them with the right coats or jackets. You don’t always have to pick a heavy one. Prefer to wear light fur or faux fur scarves, especially to pair with party dresses.
  • Silk scarf: Wearing a silk scarf around your neck can make you look stylish, but that’s an old concept. Break away from the norm and wear it around your waist like a belt. Pair it with classy pants and a formal shirt and you’re done.
  • Lace scarf: Give your evening autumn outfit a classy lace scarf. Lace scarves and wraps are some of the best options for weddings and parties so the glamor factor doesn’t dampen.

Stylish scarf design and styles to add zing to your fall and winter outfits

Here is a list of the most popular scarf designs and styles.

  • Infinity scarf: Give a chic short dress or top a glamorous look with a fashionable infinity scarf. Tie the two ends of a scarf in a large loop and hide the knot on your back. Twist the loop once or twice for a warm and chic look. Combine it with a classy leather jacket and skinny jeans.
  • Plait scarf: Gone are the days of the old fashioned braided hairstyle. Instead, let your scarf do this job. To achieve an elegant look this fall, wear a braided scarf by mixing two colors.
  • Embellished scarf: Spice up a neutral fall ensemble with a dash of glitter. Add a dazzling fringed and pearl jewelry scarf to add dimension to a simple black and white ensemble.

With these stylish design suggestions for scarves you will look glamorous even in the cold winter months. Explore the gallery to see what’s trending this season. You can also try some other styles if you’re looking for scarves to go with party outfits and evening dresses. Visit the great gallery with pictures of a variety of fashionable scarves.