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Traditional Technique of Irish Crochet

Traditional Technique of Irish Crochet

Crochet has been a trend since ages. In olden days household ladies started this as a means to be able to provide for their families. Since raw material was minimal and the only expensive requirement was time, they used their skills to make new patterns and designs. They came up with ideas where Crochet could be used to make anything. Irish Crochet has been one such technique that was used during the time of war to earn a living. This technique has very intricate and detailed work on it.


Irish Crochet has always been an important part of the Irish needle work traditional. The equipments required are a Crochet hook with a fine needle, some thin thread and cotton ball. To start work on this technique a needlepoint is marked and two pieces of cloth are used.

Once the design has been marked and the thread has been secured with button stitches the details are filled in. The tighter the loops the higher the tension in that area and this makes a pattern.

The end product is a type of lace characterized by crocheted motifs. The hook used to Crochet is very fine so is the thread. Cotton cords are used in-between designs to give volume and shape it properly. Floral shapes can also be added on it. Once it is completed it has a lace like appearance.