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Hand Tattoos For Women

Hand Tattoos For Women

Hand tattoos for women are super amazing period. The fashion of wearing tattoos as jewelry works fantastic with beautiful hand tattoos. Most feminine hand tattoo designs are delicate and have deep meaning to the wearer. For example, the full moon adorned by two crescent moons facing in opposite directions is a symbol in honor of the triple goddesses. This symbol is a popular tattoo among women who follow the path of the goddess, are Wiccan, or believe in paganism. Likewise, there are many small hand tattoos for women that have significant spiritual and personal meanings.

Best placement ideas for pretty hand tattoos

Hand tattoos don’t necessarily just mean the forearm. Hand tattoo designs for women, tattoos for the wrist, finger or thumb tattoos, palm tattoos, and tattoos on the back of the palm are referred to as hand tattoos worldwide. Depending on the size and shape of the tattoo, the tattoo artist and wearer make a mutual decision when it comes to coloring. Girly hand tattoos that are vertical, sleek, or tiny are generally inked on the side of the hand, thumb, or a finger. Smooth horizontal tattoos like important dates, important words, short mantas or quotes are great for the wrist. Larger or more intricate images like animal totem tattoos, elaborate mandala designs, multi-element tattoo designs, etc. are best placed on the forearm or the back of the palm.

Chic hand tattoos for women that are popular everywhere


Depending on the design of the butterfly tattoo, it can be placed on the thumb, on the forearm near the wrist, or on the wrist itself. Butterflies are delicate feminine symbols of transformation, escape and freedom.

Pine trees:

Pine trees make for smooth tattoos and look great when the wrist is placed vertically, on the side of the little finger, or on the side of the hand. Mountain lovers tend to get this design. Pines also stand for steadfastness and timelessness.


Rose hand tattoos are very popular and look great on the back of the palm. Rose tattoos can be combined with skulls, thorns, or quotes for an added effect.

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