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Trendy Hairstyles with Medium Length Hair

Trendy Hairstyles with Medium Length Hair

Are you looking for haircut ideas for medium length hair? Medium hair length limits the variability of hairstyles. Hairstyles with layers or side bangs are great for medium length hair. Braids, buns, buns, or messy updos are good hairstyles for medium length hair. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best hair ideas for medium length hair. Which hairstyle you would choose from simple knots, French knots, braided updos with bangs to bun, blonde bouffant or fancy bun depends on the type of occasion you are dressing up for and the shape of your face.

Trendy medium length haircuts for women over 40

  • Long levels with full volume: The perfect hairstyle for those with natural curls is the one with long layers. Don’t worry if you have straight hair. You can still achieve curls by curling your hair with a curling iron. Make sure to break up your locks for a gorgeous frizzy and voluminous look.
  • Smooth waves: Give your heart-shaped or square face an instant edge with a sleek, wavy hairstyle. The trick to achieving smooth waves is to curl the hair about an inch away from the roots. You can even get a dramatic smooth wave effect by blow-drying the layer cut without puckering.

Best hairstyles for medium length hair

  • Bun: The bun is a simple medium length hairstyle that is ideal for hair that is not that thick. The trick to adding volume to your hair is by combing it back.
  • Node: Make a high or low imperfect or messy bun by teasing the roots of your hair and adding a shine to your face. Once the hairstyle is done, pull out the strands to create loops. The flattering topknot hairstyles are all the rage now.
  • Pigtails: The braids are more than welcome in the modern hairstyles like the thin braid or the stylish braided hairstyles.
  • Multiple styles: The modern hairstyles even encourage fusion styles where a number of hairstyles are combined into one, e.g. B. Braids, curls, twists, buns and knots.