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Trendy Matte Nail Designs

Trendy Matte Nail Designs

Fall is the season of beige, ombre, rust, and various other dark, warm, and cool hues. Enjoy the myriad colors of the fall season and wear them on your nails. Here are some upbeat matte nail designs to help you keep that fall vibe. These trendy nail art designs go well with various outfits and fashion accessories such as stacks of wristwatches, trendy watches, fancy rings, etc. From lively rust orange to sober and cool beige and blue, we have a design and pattern for everyone. Choose a nail design and color that go well with your personality and style.

Peppy matte nail designs from 2017 that will continue to be on trend in 2018

  • Glitter Marble and Matte Medley: This funky nail art design is going to grab attention for all the right reasons. This creative nail art uses three upscale nail looks to add flair to your demeanor. You can wear this nail art for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, parties, etc. Complement the nail art with a chic solitaire diamond ring.
  • Mauve Florid Fantasy:Create floral accents in white on chic, matte purple nail polish. You can create the floral accents with the help of stencils or stickers.
  • Maroon Coffee Extravaganza: Showcase your fashionable coffee-shaped nails with a splash of maroon color. This super chic nail polish color can spice up your look in no time. The coffin shape looks great on all nail lengths from long to short. Complete your look with a sophisticated Michael Kors watch.

How do I care for dull nails?

  • Keep nails short: Since the matte nail polish flakes off faster than the creamier versions, it is advisable to keep the nails short and trim the nails under your fingertips.
  • Cover the paint with a matt top coat: Use a top coat to make your matte nails last longer.
  • Wait between the coats: In contrast to the creamier polish, the matt polish dries out quickly. For a flawless finish, wait for a layer of nail polish to dry before adding more layers.