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Unique Wedding Dresses

Unique Wedding Dresses

Your statement wedding dress is undoubtedly the epitome of your party. Only when you work with the right accessories can you bring out the zing of your dress. Here are some upbeat styling suggestions for unique wedding dresses that you might want to consider for your big day. Between shoe, veil, bags, makeup, and jewelry, there are a multitude of choices that you need to make. Before buying your fashion accessories, read through these styling suggestions to know exactly what you should invest in to give your wedding a fascinating bridal look.

How do you furnish your unique wedding dress?

  • Coordinate wedding dress with metals: It is a fact that certain metals go well with some dress colors, like ivory goes best with gold, while platinum or silver jewelry goes best with a white dress.
  • Don’t overdo it: Fashion is about matching your clothes with your accessories. So once you have chosen a highly embellished wedding dress, you don’t need a tiara, veil, sash or necklace. You can equip with minimalist jewelry and add grace and sophistication to your appearance. Take note of the unique characteristic of your wedding dress and base your jewelry selection on it. For a dress with an embellished neckline, choose drop earrings over a necklace.

How to choose the right wedding dress

  • Budget: The wedding ensemble along with the accessories can be quite expensive. So before you buy one, you need to set a budget. Otherwise you will be spending too much money. To buy a statement dress at an affordable price, buy it well in advance of your wedding. Look around for sales, call stores, sign up for mailing lists from designer boutiques, etc.
  • Research thoroughly: Visit websites and bridal magazines for the latest in fashion trends, fabrics, silhouettes, and more.
  • Make sure it’s well coordinated: Customize your jewelry set or your mother’s necklace to make sure your wedding dress goes well with the jewelry.

You will look stunning on your wedding day in a unique wedding dress with the right jewelry. Browse the gallery below and you will come across wedding dress designs that brides dream of!