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Types of Pleated Skirt

Types of Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are back with different varieties. They are fashionable and can be short, long, printed, nude, tea length or coloured. They give classy feminine look or you can wear them with boots, heels or flats.

Box Pleated Skirt

These skirts have pleats that face one another in the alternative directions. Box pleats are fashioned by folding the clothe piece within of the garment then handicraft it in order that the pleats are e fashioned on the outer right aspect of the garment. The bottoms of skirts with box pleats look flaring and permit simple movement for the user. Box folded skirts square measure terribly stylish.

Plain Pleated Skirt

Plain pleated skirts are one of the popular pleated skirts design. Such skirts have only single fold line placed on one line. Plain pleated skirt pleats face one direction.

Inverted Pleated Skirt

There are also inverted pleats on the skirts are created by folding clothing piece in two then combining them into one line. Finally, two folds of the skirt are joined together on the right side at the center.

Length of Pleated Skirt

The length of the skirt also matters a lot. Women can wear them on certain occasions be it professional meeting or causal outing. If it for office the knee length skirts is preferred by many women while for a casual outing then women can have many optional like short, long, tea-length or calf-length.

Achieving Balance

Pleated skirts add volume so one should wear a top that is not large. Pair a neutral short sleeved T-shirt with colourful pleated skirts of bold colors like pink or hot pink, yellow or green. The pleated skirt go well with neutral heels.

Show off your retro look with pleated skirts.