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Edgy Feather Necklaces

Edgy Feather Necklaces

Wear a bohemian style with a chic feather chain. These types of necklaces have been popularized by bloggers from Los Angeles, Manila, etc. You can wear these necklaces with a number of outfits. Let this free and bohemian bohemian spirit scream out your demeanor by styling your trendy feather chain with the right clothes and fashion accessories. You can wear the feather chain with a collared dress, vintage blouse, jeans, a skater skirt, body hugging dresses, and more. Complete your look with the perfect sunglasses, bags, shoes, etc.

How do I make a DIY spring chain?

A couple of springs, a gold chain, a gold cord, three jump rings made of gold and a gold clasp are required to make this innovative and trendy DIY spring chain. Have E-6000 glue, wire cutters, and needle-nose pliers handy to make this craft. Apply glue to the gold cable end and insert the springs. Next, clamp the golden cord end with the needle-nose pliers. Insert the jump ring into the center of the chain and the end of the cord. Place the jump rings on both ends of the chain. Next, add a clasp on one side. Glue the springs to the end of the cable with glue. Then clamp the end of the cable with the pliers. Add a jump ring to the end of the cord, the center of the chain, and each of the chain ends, and place clasps on the jump rings.

How do I wear feather chains?

  • Wear the feather chain with a bodycon dress, leather jacket, and a pair of chic high-kneed boots.
  • You look chic in a bright pink feather chain, a floral top, a skater skirt and pearl flats.
  • Let your vintage feather chain make a bold statement by pairing it with a nude shift dress.
  • Combine your feather chain with a high-low dress, a pair of high-heeled boots, a shoulder bag, a cream-colored vest and ruby ​​red Firmoo glasses.

Show your boho-chic style in a trendy feather chain paired with the right clothes and the right fashion accessories.