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Sun Tattoo Ideas

Sun Tattoo Ideas

Sun tattoos are symbolic of light, strength, truth, life and growth. The power of the sun is destructive and yet nurturing. It’s no wonder the sun is such a popular tattoo symbol. The sun has been worshiped in innumerable ways in innumerable names in different civilizations. The sun remains a sacred symbol of life and growth even today. If you are feeling inspired to get a sun tattoo yourself check out these great creative and amazing sun tattoo ideas from different cultures around the world.

Unique Sun Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

While the sun is popular as a tattoo among men and women alike, you may find that the designs of sun tattoos vary widely between the sexes. Sun tattoos for women are more feminine and are often used as an element in a more elaborate tattoo. Some popular sun tattoo ideas for women are spiral sun tattoos, sun tattoos with Om symbol, sun and moon tattoos, sun and sea tattoos, etc. Sun tattoo ideas for men are often more structured and appear more masculine. Some such examples are Aztec sun tattoos, suns in tattoos with geometric patterns, sun tattoos on arm, sun rays tattoos, etc. The ankle sun tattoos and sternum sun tattoos are the most popular.

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