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Elegant Easy Crochet Flower for use

Elegant Easy Crochet Flower for use

Crochet is a simple process. The only time it becomes complicated is when you have to learn the other styles of crocheting. Some yarn and a Crochet hook is all that is required to get work started. One must also have a clear picture in their minds as to what they would want to make by crocheting. A creative mind can use skills in many different ways. One such is to make show pieces, wall hangings and bows and ribbons for dresses by making Easy Crochet Flower.

Crochet flowers can be made by starting with a small chain circle. You can then add another row or circle by pulling loops from inside the primary chain. Then another chain is started from one side and the end of that chain is looped into the circle, making this look like a petal. You can make many more petals this way. Once it is completed then this can be used as a decorative or a patch work on a dress or on any other piece of fabric.

By making Easy Crochet Flower you can also make a 3d flower bouquet. You can make these flowers by crocheting each petal and by stitching them all together on a piece of cloth. You can keep making leaves and more flowers to make it look more spectacular. After completing this piece of cloth can be framed and used as a wall hanging.

You can have many more projects like this if they are willing to explore the art if Crochet.