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Foot and Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Foot and Ankle Tattoo Ideas

The increasing popularity of the foot tattoo is likely due to the fact that it is challenging. It brings sweet pain with a massive adrenaline rush for tat lovers. In addition, tattoos on the feet look nice and neat when properly cared for. If you’ve been considering getting a foot tattoo, weigh the pros and cons. Aside from the amazing gallery of tattoo images with some really wonderful foot and ankle tattoo ideas, there are a few things you can keep in mind while choosing a tattoo for yourself.

Things you need to know before getting a foot or ankle tattoo

While you can count on your tattoo artist to explain the tattoo healing process and tattoo aftercare, there are a few things you can do better to prepare for a foot tattoo or even make a selection before visiting the artist:

  • The placement of tattoos is the first thing you need to figure out. Foot tattoos can rub off if they’re in regular contact with your shoes, or fade if left exposed. Discuss with your artist where you want to ink your design.
  • Getting a foot tattoo really hurts.
  • There are many tattoo artists out there who are uncomfortable with dyeing their feet. So do your research and speak to the tattoo artist before you get all excited and show up at the studio.
  • Foot tattoos are prone to infection as they are closer to the ground and exposed to a lot.
  • Be careful of excessive sun exposure and ink has a tendency to bleed and fade over time. Don’t skimp on sunscreen and treat yourself to a saran wrap. During the healing phase, diaper rash lotion, no contact with water or sun (only in the first two weeks) and germ-free hands are important!
  • A tattoo on a foot becomes scabbed. Avoid peeling or scratching. This way you will lose more ink from your tattoo unevenly. Let the crusts fall off naturally and have them touch up.

Collection of foot and ankle tattoo ideas

If you are ready to brave a foot or ankle tattoo after reading these aspects, here is the admirable collection. Take the plunge to commit yourself or just admire some really beautiful and liberating tattoos here. In this gallery you will find anchor foot tattoo, word tattoo, identical / themed tattoo design for both feet, floral foot tattoo, inner arch tattoo for beautiful feet, heel foot and ankle tattoo designs and many more creative inspirations!

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