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Pirate Makeup Ideas For  Halloween

Pirate Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Since Disney icon The Pirates of the Caribbean, pirate makeup ideas for Halloween have been a common and popular choice among teenagers and adults. Pirate makeup for men and women is extremely easy to improve and is sure to help you gain appreciation. The pirate makeup ideas we have put together can transform your look from a normal sea girl to the most striking beauty in the sea.

Whether you want to dress up for the Halloween festival or mimick the look of a pirate for a costume Halloween contest, we’ve brought you the best ideas to help you make a lasting impression.

Noticeable Pirate makeup ideas for Halloween

Based on your favorite pirate style, you could easily dive into a traditional pirate makeup girl. However, if you are going down the path of a determined sea captain, chances are you’ll want to keep a minimum of makeup and prefer to focus on special effects with large thick lines over your eyelids and in the crevices of your eyelids.

A sensual pirate eye make-up is sure to impress the captains. Make a playful cat’s eye with liquid eyeliner and use some mascara to enhance the eyes and add volume to your eyelids. And if you go for red lips and flushed cheeks, you’re sure to get some attention.

Simple pirate makeup

  • The punk pirate makeup has given up on the usual pirate makeup ideas and instead focuses on tattoos and piercings combined with edgier accessories and dresses. Go for a bold pink gum lipstick and black liquid-lined eyes to add a festive mood to your pirate makeup.
  • Opt for bold eyeshadow palettes like greens and blues to enhance your eyes, and add multiple coats of red mascara to add some volume to your lashes and reproduce the Rocker Pirates look.
  • Add fake stubble or goatee when preparing a man for the pirate makeup by using dark makeup for a dramatic makeup tutorial on Pirates of the Caribbean.

These pretty and daring pirate makeup ideas for Halloween are easy to achieve and require basic makeup basics. You can find more ideas on popular pirate makeup ideas in our gallery.