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Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

Dressing in a quirky new avatar for Halloween is something everyone wants. The crazier the better as you know it! On Halloween, you can get dressed in all quirky things and yet you can be sure that no one is going to drop an eyelid. After visiting all of the fashion forums and exploring costume ideas, we’ve made our lovely list of handpicked and superbly designed DIY Halloween costumes for adults. I hope you enjoy our efforts!

Trending DIY Halloween costumes for 2017

  • Dress up like a cactus. As strange as that sounds, cactus costumes are really creative and can be made at the last minute. Just stick strips of paper on one of these green Christmas sweaters and put on the cute look for the house party.
  • Loved the look of Barb from Stranger Things? Just pull on your high-waisted blue denim and wear a checkered shirt with a Chinese collar that also has wide sleeves. Wear your huge round vintage glasses and put your hand back in a neat low bun.
  • How about imitating the looks of the brave and beautiful Hilary Clinton? Simply combine a tone-on-tone powder suit with covered or light pump high heels and complete the look with a short blonde wig.

Fast and adorable Halloween costume for adults

Not all of us love spending time on Google or choosing costumes. The Pokemon trainer costume is suitable for people who love to rock out in minimal clothing. Combine your casual denim with a black t-shirt and pull off a blue and white jacket. With a cool red and white cap and a Pokemon toy in hand, you’re good for a cute Pokemon trainer.

Get dressed and set the party mood. Dress as weird as you can as you know. Halloween only comes once a year and is full of fun! For more DIY Halloween costume ideas, check out the gallery below.