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Distressed Denim Outfits

Distressed Denim Outfits

There is definitely something about ragged, ripped jeans that look undeniably fashionable. Ragged denim shorts look chic with tank tops or even shirts when you can pull off the style. Along with many other ideas, we have created a gallery for you where you can get the best distressed denim outfits these days. Whether you want to wear denim skirts with a distressed look or denim capris, we have the latest models. Know what to pair with your ripped shorts or skirts to make a style statement! Pair your look with a messy bun, stacks of boho bracelets, and long shoes to complete your fashionista look.

It’s funny that people want new clothes to have a ragged look, prefer ripped patterns and ripped skirts, tops, shorts, jackets, etc. Well, whether it sounds logical or not, fashion is art and art is beyond logic.

Newbies to distressed denim fashion?

If you’ve never worn ripped and desperate denim before, you may feel a little nervous when you wear your first pair of tattered denims. Our advice: don’t think too much about it if you’re into torn and ragged clothes. You can also start with slightly ripped clothes, which are more of a rugged look than distressed jeans that are completely ripped at the knees. But of course if you are not new then ignore all of these and just check out their amazing collection.

Ripped skirts and shorts look perfect when paired with off-shoulder tops and crop tops. You might want to try some of the hottest crop top ideas here.

Tips for DIY distressed denim outfits

While we don’t offer a step-by-step DIY tutorial for distressed denim in this gallery, here are some tips to keep in mind for distressed jeans:

  • Before you put your brand new jeans under the blade, try vigorously cutting your old jeans.
  • Decide on the length and position of the jeans that you want to give the rugged look.
  • The knees, hem, and thighs are great for your jeans to use to make them sturdy with a sandpaper or to shred them up a bit with a sharp tool.
  • Nothing beats a naturally worn look for jeans. So wait a few washing and drying cycles before your ragged denim skirts or used-look jeans look spectacular.

Get more ideas and lots of fashion inspiration from our distressed denim outfits gallery!