Wednesday , August 17 2022
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Summer Nail Design

Summer Nail Design

Prepare your nails for summer and let them play under the sun all day with our summer nail design ideas. Now you can kill the summers like never before thanks to our compilation of easy-to-copy cute summer nails. The summer nails that we curated are full of an adventurous mood. Include bold colors, new raw textures, bright designs, and modern shapes to shake up your nails and enhance your signature summer style.

Enhance your nails with next level summer nail design ideas

The summer season is all about warm, bright and tropical colors, depending on the weather. Try your skills over a fruity cocktail made from daring hues like fluorescent pink, pistachio green, cherry red, bright yellow and dark blue. Show your creativity through bold summer nail acrylic colors and different designs. For a super cool look, choose from a simple color palette like the sunset colors and choose different finishes like ombre with glitter. The geometric shapes also tend with contrasting polka dots on a single nail.

Sweet summer nails to replicate

  • The coffin nail shape is also known as the ballerina style, which is about long acrylic with square and tapered edges that resemble the shape of a coffin and go well with ballet shoes.
  • The elegant round shape of the nails is always trendy and popular because it is chic and versatile. You can steal the spotlight by painting the round nails with bold and deep colors.
  • The square nails can never go out of style. Go for square ends to follow the popular trend and make your nail bed look wider and even out the length of your nails.

These summery nail design ideas are trendsetters and will surely roll some eyes along the way. Check out the gallery below for stylish and cute summer nail art ideas.