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Stripe Nail Art Ideas

Stripe Nail Art Ideas

Stripes nail art is anything but boring. You will be amazed at the variety of stripe nail art you can find when you look at the gallery. Stripes nail art can make your nails look super stylish and gorgeous. The best part? With a few simple things like stickers, tape, nail, paint, brushes and nail polish for the top coat, you can get beautiful salon style nails. Stripe nail art with rose looks beautiful. Try other different stripe nail art designs like patterned stripes with flowers, dots, etc. You can find many beautiful ideas for stripped nails in our picture collection.

Amazing ideas for streak nail art

Nail art with vertical stripes and nail art with horizontal stripes are very popular on their own. If you have short nails, go for vertical nail art designs. Alternatively, if you want your nails to appear thicker and wider, choose nice horizontal stripes. Contrast colors stripes nail art, matte nail art with stripes, nude and gold or nude and silver stripes art, solid and glitter stripes nail design, glitter nail art with minimal stripes are just some of the many variations that you can make with stripes nail art.

Get well-groomed beautiful looking nails with simple strip nail art designs

Discover the large selection of stunning strip nail art in our gallery. The best tools for strip nail design are sticklers and ribbons. They basically cover part of your nail as you paint so you get fine lines and smoother designs as you peel the stickers off.

  • Brushed strips of nail art in multiple colors
  • Rainbow stripe nail art design
  • Glitter and stripes nail art
  • Stripe nail art with shimmer
  • Stripes with dots nail art
  • Summer themed stripes nail art styles

Have your nails striped off with your favorite strip nail art and wear a colorful, artistic side with confidence!