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Bracelets with Charms

Bracelets with Charms

Bracelets with charm simultaneously celebrate the performance and individuality of the wearer. Charms reflect the wearer’s preferences and hobbies. There are several different types of charm bracelets on the market. Some have chain links, square links, and rectangular links. Some of the bracelets are made of rose gold, rounded beads, or elastic material. To make a bold fashion statement, wear the charm bracelets with long earrings. Once you have decided on the bracelet style, you need to choose the charms. Some of the charms are made of glass, precious stones or metals.

What are the different types of charm bracelets?

  • Traditional Charm Bangle: These bracelets are worn as jewelry and are made from sterling silver and other metals. The charm of this bracelet is permanent and firm. Different types of charms are used in these bracelets, such as animals, religious icons, athletics, etc.
  • Italian charm bracelet: The Italian charms are neither permanent nor dangle like the traditional charms. They are provided with 18 regular flat links. The charms of this bracelet are interchangeable.
  • European charm bracelet: The charm of this bracelet consists of pearls, glass, pearls, metals or crystals and is interchangeable. You can style these bracelets with a chic pearl necklace.

Factors to consider when purchasing the charms

  • Budget: Before buying the charms, the buyer should consider the cost of the charms. Some are expensive because of the material they’re made of. Some are made of gold and platinum. For example, the typical ALEX and ANI bracelets are expensive, but buyers should never compromise on quality to save their money. Therefore, you should invest in a high quality charm bracelet that will last for many years.
  • Style: Buyers should know well the charms for buying the right one. Some of the charms are designed for special occasions like weddings, graduation parties, etc. These charms are available with a space in which the short inscription or the date can be engraved. You can choose the sun moon or dangling hamsa bead which is compatible with Pandora jewelry. That kind of spell is now a rage. Combine them with danglers or earrings to add elegance to your personality.
  • Materials: Charms are made from a variety of materials such as gold, emeralds, diamonds, stainless steel, and other types of alloy metals. Choose one based on your preference and budget.

So, with a good knowledge of charm bracelets, you can choose the right one for your budget, taste and personality. The collection here is rounded off by the best styles we’ve found on the internet and on various social media platforms. You will love to copy them!