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Cute Coffin Nails

Cute Coffin Nails

Making cute coffin nails is the hottest trend among women these days. You can have both long and short coffin nails done according to your style. There are tons of celebrities these days who flaunt coffin nails like everything else. These nail designs are low maintenance and look versatile.

The coffin nails with curved tips are rounded off before buffing and glittering to give them a creative look. So don’t forget to try coffin nails at your upcoming salon appointment.

Sweet coffin nails In ballerina pink

Soft pastels in coffin nail designs look stunning and gorgeous. The matte shades can perfectly create the drama you are looking for. They are elegant and classy and suit women of all ages.

Coffin nails in white

These coffin nails really are the epitome of flawlessness and simplicity. The sheen of the white color on your nails enhances their natural beauty and gives them a wild look too. Both shiny and matt white coffin nails are all the rage among young women. You can even use a gold coffin nail while keeping the others in white for a more stunning look.

Gold and black coffin nails

Among the ideas for multiple coffin nails, this combination has the most regal look. The shiny black nail color in combination with the chunky gold glitter enhances the dramatic effect to a great extent. So if you want to give your manicured coffin nails an amazing look, this design is a must have.

Acrylic coffin nail designs

The coffin style shaped acrylic nails are really hot and trendy nail designs. The smooth surfaces that the nails have after the manicure is perfect to give you the ultimate satisfaction. They come in stunning colors like red, burgundy, purple and also look amazing in nude colors like rainbow, pink, etc.

For bold but cute coffin nail designs, you can also choose the 3D style of nail art. They are adorned with decorative petals and cute rhinestones to enhance the look of your nails. Explore the super fun gallery below for more fashionable coffin nail art.