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Disney Inspired Diy Halloween  Costumes

Disney Inspired Diy Halloween Costumes

These Disney-inspired DIY Halloween costumes have an option for all ages. We’ve rounded up all of the unique last-minute simple Disney costume ideas for boys and girls to embrace their love for Disney. The best thing about these homemade Disney costumes is that they can be made with regular clothing in your closet. If thoughts about what you’d wear to Halloween parties kept you awake, we’ve got you covered in the most unique Disney costumes.

Read on for some creative DIY Disney costumes for boys and girls.

Disney-inspired DIY Halloween costumes

Darla from ‘Finding Nemo’ is one of Disney’s most beloved characters whose looks are easy to repeat with a rock and roll girl t-shirt and a fake goldfish in your pocket. Just swipe like a Disney character, swipe the dark purple lip paint and toss it over your faux fur coat to copy Sulley’s look from Monsters, Inc and take off the easiest last minute DIY Disney costume. You can dress up in an entire chestnut set and duplicate Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins Returns by adding a fly hat and gloves.

Elsa and Anna are really the favorites of all girls, regardless of age. Pay tribute to the legendary couple by slipping into a dazzling floor-length sequin dress or reusing your prom dress from last year. Why settle for wearing the ear hairband for casual use when you can use it again and pair it with a cute polka dot dress for an easy DIY adult Disney costume?

The most popular Disney costumes

  • The Parr Family from the famous Incredibles-2 is a simple Disney costume for boys and girls. The costume idea is a huge hit, especially in a large group. For those who do not want to make the entire costume themselves, you can just go for a red bodysuit.
  • Get inspiration from Lilo and Stitch and help your best friend dress up in these cute animated BFFs. It’s one of the best ideas when thinking about how to dress up as Disney characters with regular clothes. Just make a head crown, hula skirt, and a pair of fuzzy blue ears for the look.

These Disney-inspired DIY Halloween costumes are perfect for your gang to rock the Festival of Terror. Discover more DIY Disney Halloween costume ideas for adults and children in the gallery below.